Some days I am just done with it all.

And this week is seriously pushing me to go far, far away and just be a hermit.

5th circuit decides that corporations can apparently have religious consciences and that is more important than women’s health.  (Which I suppose women aren’t supposed to worry over, because religion has such a great track record of looking out for us.)

5th circuit also decides that Texas’ new abortion restrictions are just fine and dandy.

So, I am feeling like the 5th circuit isn’t really keen on women and I suspect there are a few on it that are still quite displeased with the whole 19th amendment to boot.

Another fucking mass shooting – this time targeting TSA agents at LAX.  Now, I am not totally shocked that someone finally snapped at went after the TSA.  I just figured it would be along the lines of someone just taking a swing at an agent.  Sure, there are a few assholes in the ranks, but there are a few assholes in every industry.  The vast majority of TSA agents I have encountered have been pleasant and professional and trying to do their damn jobs while dealing with people who somehow think that they make policy.  (If you are about to say that the Nazi’s were just “doing their jobs” just stop now and walk away.)  So, no, I don’t think people should be assholes to the TSA agents, much less shooting them.

Do I think this will start another discussion on gun control?  Of course not.  I’ve actually just given up on that.  I have already heard calls for arming the TSA agents.  How about NO?

I have hit a point where I don’t think that we’re going to see any meaningful discussion on gun control in my lifetime.  Why?  Because from where I stand, the people that can actually enact change fall into three groups, and none of them are able or willing to get it done.  This is the breakdown I see:
— People who care, who want gun control, will talk about it and maybe even try to get some sort of gun control, but deep down they know it won’t happen because they are outnumbered by those in the next two groups below.
— People who might care, but really don’t, because they care more about money than people and if gun control costs them money, they aren’t going to do a damn thing about gun control.
— Then the small cadre of crackpots that is convinced the President is going to TAKE ALL THE GUNS! and then allow the United Nations to invade the US and take over.

So, yeah, hard to have a ton of faith in the system right now.

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