Is it that weird?

So, the traffic lights at the intersection next to the pub are messed up. Messed up enough that if you look at the wrong light, you are blowing through a red light and going to t-bone somebody. Having nearly been creamed at this intersection when all the lights were actually working, I felt the need to tell this to someone in a position to fix it. Now, there wasn’t the usual random police officer cruising through the parking lot or doing paperwork that I could flag down and tell, so off to the Googles to find out how to report a potentially dangerously fucked up traffic light.

After being on hold for a very long time (not many folks working e VDOT phones in the middle of the night, I wasn’t surprised) I got through to a very pleasant gentleman who took the report and agreed that having 3 lights doing one thing and a fourth doing the complete opposite was a definitely a problem. He looked and saw that there had been another report as well, and he would see why someone hadn’t been out to tend to it yet. (I was just happy that it wasn’t my imagination.)

What struck me as odd was how appreciative that this gentleman was that I had called in the first place. He wasn’t gushing or anything, but it just didn’t sound like people made much of an effort when these things happen if it isn’t causing them some spectacular inconvienience. To me, it was the most natural thing in the world to make a phone call and be on hold for a while to tell them that “this is broken and could cause real problems.”

Am I wrong in my thinking that it should be a totally normal thing to call *someone* in a situation like this? ( I have also put in web requests for car-eating potholes on side roads as well.) I can’t be that off the wall on this,can I?

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2 Responses to Is it that weird?

  1. Ashley says:

    Standard procedure here is to go ahead and call 911 when lights are out or screwy, and people do it reliably (I’ve called once), so I vote for “not weird.” It’s an emergency. Someone could get killed. The people who aren’t calling are the weirdos.

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