I’ll be at home on Thanksgiving

I didn’t like it when stores started opening a Midnight for Black Friday. I like this trend of being open all day on Thanksgiving even less.

I’m old. I remember when nothing was open on Thanksgiving besides 7-11 and some restaurants. It was nice when grocery stores started having a shortened day so shoppers could dash out for that last minute missing ingredient. They didn’t even have a full day, just long enough to cover cooking emergencies. Honestly, that was more than enough convenience for me. And I’ll admit, the first year I was responsible for Thanksgivng, I did have to make the mad dash to the market for some critical-yet-forgotten component of the feast.

But actual Christmas shopping/deal hunting on Thanksgiving? Can’t say I ever sat around and wished I could go to Best Buy after the turkey. Or before. Or during. (A bar, maybe, but not Macy’s.) So, it’s not really groundbreaking that I won’t be doing any shopping this Thanksgiving, but there are other reasons.

1. I don’t need to. Seriously, there is absolutely no reason I desperately need to get a one day jump on Christmas shopping.

2. If I’m out shopping, then other people are working don’t get to spend the day with their families. And most of the folks I will encounter in retail situations aren’t making a ton of cash, and it’s not right to make anyone to choose between a really shitty day of pay and their family. (And let’s face it, if they choose family, they aren’t going to just lose a day of pay, they’re going to lose a job.)

3. This is one of the few holidays we have in the country that isn’t religious or particularly easily politicized – it’s really for everybody. Why the hell can’t we ALL enjoy it?

4. For fucks sake, can we have ONE DAY where we set aside Keeping Up With The Joneses as well as the chase for the almighty dollar? Just one day?

I’ll probably avoid Black Friday, cause it’s just too insane, and it’s a good bet that I’ll use Small Business Saturday as a terrific excuse to hit up my local bakery for some elephant ears. The rest of my shopping will be done here and there piecemeal between Black Friday and Christmas. But there is no reason for me to be ruining someone else’s Thanksgiving to get a deal on a PS4.

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