Happy Sunday

Most years, I completely squander my extra hour when we go off DST by staying awake for an extra hour and then oversleeping to top it off.

Not this year!  Sure, I did take advantage of the extra hour at the pool hall last night, but I inexplicably woke up *early* this morning, got out the door for a leisurely breakfast, I’m almost finished with the Sunday morning shows and I am ready to go upstairs and get to work on class stuff.

It’s a gorgeous day out there (as long as you’re out of the wind), the Cub Scouts appear to be making their popcorn deliveries (really guys, get to my house!) and the Carmen cat is glued to the back door CatTV watching the leaves go skittering across the deck.

I’ll admit, I’m not excited that sunset is at 5:06 tonight, but right now, it’s a good day.

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