Fascist in Chief

I swear, there is no situation that man can’t make worse and now we have an occupying army in DC, and folks getting teargassed so he can have a fucking photo op at a church he doesn’t attend and doesn’t want him.

And bringing the military into DC is yet another reason they need statehood – he could do it because they don’t have a Governor to say NO.

Don’t tell me the cops across the country haven’t been emboldened by his rhetoric and acted accordingly this week.

And the Australian PM wants an investigation because one of their TV crews was attacked by cops in DC. Get in line, mate.

Find a bail fund. Find a mutual aid society. Find out how your town keeps control of its cops. There are many threads on Twitter on things you can do if you can’t be in the streets. (I thought I’d bookmarked them, but alas, you’ll need to do some searching.)

This is one hell of a way to get a pandemic off the front page.

Black Lives Matter. Pride was a riot. Be sad, but stay angry. All is not lost.

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