Only in America

Can the police get in trouble for being sloppy while killing someone, but not for the killing itself.

When the answer to “stop hurting and killing us” is “shut up or we’ll gleefully kill more of you” – it’s long past time to defund and abolish the police and find a better public safety system. It can be done.

In other angry news, 45 can fuck off into the sun with his comments about not leaving office. (And reporters, how about you just stop giving that oxygen, OK?) Oh, and the R’s can go right with him.

I cannot wait to go vote tomorrow. Not that it’s done me a damn bit of good on a federal level in the past 4 years, but there are down ballot races and voting is how we got a blue legislature here in Virginia.

Plus, I want that man to know I hate him and everything he represents.

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