Getting up early

Is great! Is rejuvenating! IS FOR THE FUCKIN’ BIRDS!

Acupuncture appointment right after work, so, starting things a bit early today.

Not much exciting going on here. Waiting for case counts to go down (they are shambling downwards) and wondering when/how to get a booster vax.

Work is work, the developer that makes me a bit nuts is again making me a bit nuts, but all in all, not too bad.

Big excitement around here is that we need to bring in the plumber for a minor thing, so I’m doing some panic cleaning – but because I’ve got some time, I’m taking the slow & steady route. The kitchen looks pretty goddamned good now that I’ve put some time and effort into it. I’ve also found a discord server for folks who are a bit of a hot mess like me when it comes to the house and that has helped a lot.

Now – can I maintain? HAHAHAHA. But, I will be making a genuine effort.

You have a fantastic day and go get a load of laundry done.

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