Gooooooood morning!

Happy…Thursday! Been one of those, “um, what day is it?” weeks.

Padres whomped up on the Diamondbacks last night – our starting pitcher had to leave the game really early, which did not bode well, but damn if we didn’t have some very hot bats and a good bullpen to make up for it.

Very weird dreams last night involving having to evacuate the house because of – get this – potential sinkholes. Not just my house, but like, half my zip code. Where the fuck my brain came up with that is beyond me.

Didn’t watch Biden’s speech last night, but it sounds like at no point did he say, “And we’re gonna maliciously and intentionally fuck over this group of marginalized folks just because we can” and that is kinda refreshing. (Still, Joe, my buddy, my pal – student loan cancelation. You can do it!)

And despite not getting quite enough sleep thanks to the ballgame and a certain kitty who forgets at 2AM that every night I make a big production of making sure she knows she has snacks out and waiting for her before bed – I am feeling oddly perky.

Highs in the 80s again today! Looking good for outside yoga at lunch, YAY!

And the county keeps marching towards good immunization numbers – up to 58% with one shot and just shy of 36% fully vaccinated. And probably even higher than that, because I’ve noticed that in the data drops that the state does, the last 3 days are always low from reporting delays. We’re not there yet, but my god, PROGRESS. We’re opening more walk-in clinics, both county & FEMA based and we are getting shots in arms. If we can keep up our current trend, we’re looking at full vaccinations of everyone over 16 by the end of JULY. And our case counts are finally consistently trending lower, and we’re back to where we were in October before the winter spike.

I do not believe for one minute that we’d be doing this well if that former guy was still in office.

You have a great Thursday, and if you haven’t scheduled your vaccination appointment, do it! I don’t want you to get sick!

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