Wait, what? How?

I’m very confused this morning, which granted, is a day ending in “y” – but today more than usual.

Came down to the kitchen and discovered a hand-sized puddle of coffee syrup on the counter. WTF?

It was an easy clean up, two minutes if that with a hot soapy sponge, but I cannot for the life of me figure out how it happened.

The bottle itself didn’t leak – and it’s inside another container with water to keep the ants at bay. (A moat, if you will.) That container didn’t leak. The pump on the bottle doesn’t appear to be leaking.

So, how on earth did I end up with a puddle of syrup on the counter?

And in the middle of ant season, no less – but, it appears the ant baits are doing the work, as there were only a handful of insects on a sugar high.

I’ve now got the bottle/container on top of a paper towel and I’ll be checking throughout the day to see if the pump is actually leaking. Or if we just had a ghost try to make coffee last night.

Syrup moat.
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