Well, it’s vaccination day 1

And despite hearing tons of vax day experiences, I have zero idea what to expect, cause damn if we aren’t all beautiful, unique snowflakes who all had different reactions.

But we are prepared for feeling like garbage – got a freezer full of frozen microwave dinners, LOL. As my brother pointed out, usually if one of us is down for the count, the other takes care of food. But if we’re both down…

Got the consent forms downloaded and printed and holy shit, could they have made the boxes where you put your name & address any tinier? I went ahead and filled it out online for both of us before printing, cause I don’t know about my brother, but I can’t write that small. (Even dug out the old yellow shot cards cause they wanted to know the last Pertussis shots we got…I suspect they’ll look at the dates and go, “yeah, that might as well be a no.”)

Gawd, I am such a big sister. “Your form is all filled out, you just need to add your insurance card info and you last got the Dip-Tet in 1984.” (The Dip-Tet scene in Raising Arizona keeps running through my head now.)

And looking at the card, hey, I got an MMR booster for college. I have zero memory of that.

Also got the online ordering app for the Tex-Mex spot next to the Walgreens. Post-vaccination empanadas FTW.

Lily definitely knows something is up, probably because I positively BOUNCED out of bed even before the alarm went off.

I’m excited to not only get started with the vaccinations – it has felt a bit like watching everyone go to a party when I had to work late – but, it’s a big public service project, too! And I’ll get to answer YES on my daily Covid survey when asks “have you gotten a vaccine since the last survey?”

And now I have to go try and focus for the next three hours at work… HAHAHAHAHAHA.

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