Damn, 200 million vaccinations.

Not too shabby, and according to my math, we’ve got 41% of over 18’s fully vaccinated in the country.

I thought 100 million by Biden’s 100th day was going to be a stretch. Guess not!

Our county seems to finally really be hitting its stride – best day so far we did 17K doses and 12K of those were second doses, that was back on 4/10 – for the past week, we’ve been averaging 12K a day, with near 6K of those being second doses. (And that is probably a little low, since there are always reporting stragglers in the dataset from the state that don’t show up for a few days.)

It just seemed like we were plodding along so slowly for so long – it’s great to really see progress – right now, we could have everyone over 16 – *everyone* – fully vaccinated by mid-August. Just a little over a month ago, it looked like it would take over a year.

We’ve gotten 51% of our over-16’s vaccinated with at least one dose, and 31% fully vaccinated.

I also just looked at the county website and the non-level 2 folks that had to register through the county – that was 435K people – 47% of our population.

While I realize we’ll probably not get to 100%, but from everything I’ve been seeing, my county is *not* vaccine-hesitant, and I suspect the biggest challenge is going to be making sure EVERYONE knows, in every language possible, that the vaccine is totally free, and how to go about getting it, since you don’t register through the county anymore.

We’re definitely going to need more walk-in clinics – make it as easy as possible for folks to get it.

But, it’s damn, it is good to see those numbers really going up.

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