Is it naptime yet?

I have done ALL THE THINGS today.

OK, maybe not ALL, but Starbucks has been acquired, and 3 freaking stops to find cat litter. (Snow is coming, which is impacting supply, and I didn’t want to switch up litter on the LilyMonster. She probably wouldn’t care, but why risk it?)

When at Petco (which did not have her litter) – they had a display of pet safe ice melt, and having zero idea of our supply, grabbed one. According to my brother, we now have an assload of it.

Popped into Staples next door to check out their PPE situation and managed to snag the last 20 count box of KN95’s – I know they’re not as effective as N95’s and who knows the supply chain they went through, but, needs-must and all that. Box says they’re good for 8 hours of continuous use or 5 days of intermittent use. So, I’ll be using the surgical masks as a liner in my fabric ones, and then the KN95 underneath.

At some point, breathability is going to be an issue with all these layers, LOL. And then of course today I just now found actual N95’s on Amazon from a company in Illinois. So, those are on order, too.

I’m not getting this freakin’ virus.

And in other “keep this shit away” stuff, the grocery store had actual Lysol wipes and Staples had the big containers of real Clorox wipes. Guess who is restocked on wipes? (Gawd, I am a brand snob.)

A while ago, I got some more kitchen towels, because ours tend to disappear (I guess they’re with the socks) and it was a bust – 2 of the 3 packs were just awful and I’m trying to figure out how to repurpose them. So, I popped back on to Target and found some Kitchen Aid ones and I figured they wouldn’t put their name on crap so I ordered them – a little pricey ($20 for a pack of 4) but they arrived this week and they are really nice! Good sized, properly absorbent, and they *feel* nice, too. Lots of colors available to boot.

This is how I know I’m old. I am excited about kitchen towels. (But they’re really nice!)

And in my whole “not working this weekend” bit…HAHAHAHA. I just need to log on today for a few minutes and double check something – when I noticed the potential problem last night, it was the end of the day, I was tired and wasn’t really sure if I was seeing things or not and the system was about to go down for the daily build anyway, so I said fuck it, logged off and started drinking.

I’d just wait until Monday, but then the dev won’t get it until Tuesday because of the time difference, so, yeah, the joys of a worldwide department.

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2 Responses to Is it naptime yet?

  1. Ashley says:

    If you’re looking for masks again, try

    It’s a local company near me that got a government contract to retool and store/sell PPE, so it’s all reputable stuff and the prices are generally lower than elsewhere, at least up here. And they ship really fast.

    The only catch is that all of their e-mails go to spam, at least for me, presumably because Gmail hasn’t yet figured out that not everything with “PPE” is an ad. So you have to keep checking that folder to make sure you get receipts and shipping updates.

    I probably should buy some KN95s myself since my poor dad has to go into medical facilities at least once a week. Completely nerve-racking, especially since transplant patients have a 20% fatality rate. (The transplant center’s guidance is, “If you start sniffling a lot or cough more than five times in 30 minutes, call us and we’ll bring remdesivir to your house.” Not a joke.) I bought him 200 surgical masks a few months ago, but I don’t trust them anymore. I should just get him a hazmat suit already!

    (Hi, long comment, sorry.)

    • A Dreamer says:

      Bookmarked!! It’s so hard to try and figure out what’s legit & what’s not with the PPE stuff these days.

      You are totally right to be concerned, I would be, too. (Does sound like transplant center is on top of things, which is good.) Grab the KN95’s – you’ll feel better having them. Give your Dad a socially distanced high five from me.

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