Oh, hello existential dread

Though it would be a few weeks before you came back around. Fuck it, take a seat and have a beer.

The fucking South African Covid variant. It’s here in Virginia, the cases don’t have travel history and we’re not going to know how it was transmitted because our contact tracing is still shit AND EVERYTHING IS FUCKING OPEN.

The current vaccines aren’t particularly effective against the SA variant. And you know damn well people will stop taking precautions when (or even if) they get vaccinated, the SA variant will become dominant, we’ll need a booster vaccine, that will take time, allowing a new variant to emerge.

Lather. Rinse. Motherfucking. Repeat.

I’m astounded there isn’t a US variant yet. We’re gonna somehow do a national vaccine booster rollout every 9-12 months? We’re doing good to get 50% of the population to get a flu vaccine.

We could have just admitted money isn’t real, given everyone a fuckton of it and shut EVERYTHING down except IDK, groceries and pharmacies, for a couple months, but nope.

I just don’t see how we get out of this.

This on top of a bit of a garbage day at work yesterday. I’m easily the slowest tester in our group – I get my shit done by the deadlines, but I’m just…slow at it, and I’m very self-conscious about it.

This new feature we’ve been testing – I’ll FINALLY finish it today, after well over a month of work on it, with some nights and weekends thrown in for good measure – but the other 3 folks working on it have been done and I’m still out here finding shit wrong (even one really fucking big one just this week) so, slow is good, but it’s still…slow.

And while feeling very slow yesterday, I get an email from my boss about “talking about 2021 goals” and I was very Oh Fuck Me about it and then it turns out it’s a fucking internal phishing test. NOT COOL IT DEPARTMENT, NOT COOL.

But, I have a very large coffee next to me, we have a half day today, and the weekend is a mere 5 hours away and I will NOT be working.

Hang in there.

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