Welp, we’ve got snow!

And not too much! They’re saying ~4″ today and ~2″ tomorrow. That is an amount I can deal with.

Snow covering my messy side garden
Even makes the messy side garden look calm.

All week the local news has been doom & glooming over this storm and I was not feeling great about it, so it’s a very pleasant surprise to just get this reasonable amount.

I don’t hate snow, but being an adult takes a lot of the fun out of it. Worrying about shoveling, de-icing, trees falling, roofs collapsing, etc, etc.

But, I do love how it amplifies the natural light, which does help my seasonally depressed ass. When the sun comes out on Wednesday, there will be more natural light in the house than there is in mid-July.

Lily is still not a fan of the salt/sand trucks/plows.

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