Well, that long weekend flew by

As much as I love my job, I could use a couple more days off. As it is, I’m going to have to log on this afternoon just to make sure I have a handle on what this coming week is going to bring. Sure, I could wait until tomorrow, but I’d rather hit the sack tonight having a mental plan of what needs to be done rather than logging on in the morning and going, “Oh fuck me.”

We’re still plowing through the leftovers here, and I have yet to make anything proper, LOL. It’s just been “grab a hunk o’ turkey and chow down.” It’s been the ultimate grab & go food the past couple days. I do love me some lazy food these days. If you have a lazy food that’s working for you – well done, you do what you need to do, cause eating is important and everything is hard right now.

I walked again yesterday! No idea how far, since three apps on my phone gave me three different distances! Apparently I need music & Pokemon to keep my mind off the rest of the world. Which kinda pisses me off, because I used to be able to exercise in silence and didn’t end angrier than when I started. But, at least I’ve identified the problem and hopefully will be able to translate that into getting out of the house a little more. Plus, Pokemon! (Yes, I am 48 years old.)

Shot of Eevee Pokemon in the woods
Eevee in the woods!

And walking yesterday, I saw this ridiculously awesome decoration – reminds me of an Allie Brosh illustration:

Big silly dog Christmas decoration

One slightly distressing bit of the walks, even with music and games – lots of folks not masked up… I mean, you don’t have to wear it the whole time, but just have it around your neck and whip it up when you see folks – who wants to walk through someone’s potentially virus laden slipstream?

And in pandemic related tics that aren’t going away…I have a couple winter-themed masks now. And one with dogs all over it.

Screenshot of three masks, one red buffalo plaid, one black and beige plaid, and one with dog illustrations all over
Safety, but make it seasonal!

So, big exciting plans for the day – get phone charged up to full, go catch some Pokemons (with doggie mask,) eat, check on work stuff, and then be lazy. Oh and get the load of kitchen towels out of the washer and into the dryer.

You have a good and relaxing rest of the weekend.

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