Oh, well, that was pretty pleasant

OK, so for what, near 9 months now we’ve heard “get out for a walk it will do you good” – not really bad advice even when not in a pandemic, but it was a strategy that just failed me repeatedly. Instead of clearing my head, I just found that I had uninterrupted time to think and then be even more pissed off about the world at hand.

But today, a gave it another whirl…not so much for the exercise/mental health aspect as the “I really need to hit some Pokestops for drops and there are 4 (yes FOUR) at the neighborhood pool” which is a not too far walk away from here. Also need to walk 20K over time with my Eevee to evolve it for a challenge. (And not doing my Friday/Saturday night strolls home from the bar, I am not getting those K’s in AT ALL these days.)

Fired up the One Hit Wonders playlist on Spotify and well, starting with “I’m Too Sexy” was very good. Bopped my way down to the pool, spun a bunch of stops, dropped a Pokemon in a gym, and generally had a very nice half hour.

Not sure if it’s just that I stepped out with a mission of sorts and music, or just that I’m feeling better about the world as a whole, but I may do it again tomorrow.

Yep, I’m 48 years old and it’s a little phone based game that is getting my ass moving. I have always been a bit on and off with Pokemon Go, I fired it back up again this fall and saw all the neat remote features they added knowing that folks weren’t getting out and about as much – should have popped it open in March… But even with the remote features, still no floating Pokestops, and those eggs won’t hatch themselves, so, guess I gotta walk, LOL.

And now I’m having a refreshing, healthy glass of grapefruit juice. A fizzy grapefruit juice. OK, it’s a mimosa – gotta finish the champagne I opened yesterday, and it’s not like I’m driving anywhere.

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