Feeling smart this morning

I remembered to make my pitcher of cold brew yesterday and it’s rainy and yucky and gross this morning. It is nice to not have to go out in it for my caffeine fix.

Unfortunately, this is weather will probably torpedo any plans I had to get in a quick walk at lunch. (Had a three day streak going there, and I’ll admit, yes, yes, it did feel pretty good.) But I also realized upon opening the fridge this morning that we need more milk (a lot of boxed mashed potatoes have been made in the past 5 days) so that would have done it in anyway.

Never did get logged on to the work laptop yesterday, so who knows what the day will bring! When I logged off on Wednesday, I don’t recall thinking “next week will suck”, so it probably won’t be too terrible, whatever is on tap.

Moderna is going for emergency use authorization for its vaccine, YAY! I know it’s going to be a while before I’ll be able to get it (and I am not even sure how to get it, to be brutally honest) – but I feel…lighter? Just better in general knowing its going to be out there and folks will be getting it – every person getting those shots is one person who not only can’t get it – but can’t spread it. That right there will help.

Though no one asked me (they never do) – here’s my distribution list:
– Health care workers
– First responders
– Locations with outbreak risk: Long term care centers, Prisons & jails (yes), meat processing plants. (But execs at those plants that killed people? Last in fucking line.)
– Essential workers in constant contact with the public – grocery store workers would be my first sub-group there.
– At-risk groups – immunocompromised and elderly come to mind first – I am sure I am not thinking of other specific at-risk groups, but they go here.
– Teachers, students, everyone at day care centers
– The rest of us

So yeah, I’m in that last group, and that’s OK. Everyone who can get the vaccine before me lessens my risk of getting it. (Not that I’m going to change my precautions until 2 weeks after that second jab, and even then, I’m wondering if I can go back and get an antibody test to make sure I had an immune response, cause that’s how I roll these days.) Zero idea even where I’d be able to get it as I don’t have a GP. Health department? Local pharmacy like with flu shots? Urgent care center?

I know it will all be sorted soon enough, BUT I WANT TO PLAN NOW!! While most of my post-vaccine plans involve eating indoors (SO MUCH EATING) – there are so many little dumb things I am looking forward to. Getting my hair done. Reading a book at my bar. Spending more than 15 minutes in a shop. (Target, I’m looking at you.) Oh, and hugging people. I miss that quite a lot.

Let’s just do our level best to get through the winter. We can do it. We really can – it will suck, but my god we can do it and it will be worth it.

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