Wait, what’s that I feel?

Could it be a wee bit of relaxation? A tiny bit of optimism?

45’s campaign is 1-35 in court.

GSA Emily has finally done her fucking job. (And what a weird ass letter. I’m not OK with the death threats, but why is that in the letter?)

The messaging coming out of the Biden nominees is a consistent and coherent, “Glad to be on the team, look forward to doing my job competently and ethically.” Refreshing.

Mar-A-Lago is getting some renovations so 45 can be in violation of zoning laws in Palm Beach come January 20th.

We’ve got 3 vaccines out there that look really good, and the transition team will have the resources to start working on the logistics of distribution. (Though I expect we’ll hear stories about zero cooperation from the current admin, but fuck it, the team should be able to legally start talking w/the vaccine companies and governors and just go forward.)

And I keep reading about R’s in Georgia saying they’ll write in 45 in the Senate runoff… You do you, boo.

Things are just looking a little brighter today.

Will we still have a TON of work to do to undo the damage of the last 4 years? Of course. But are we one concrete step closer to showing that ass the door once and for all?


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