Happy Drinksgiving!

I will admit, it will be weird to not roll up to the bar tonight and see who has come back into town and/or is already sick of their family, LOL.

But, it should be a relatively relaxed day overall, and they’re kicking us out early, woohoo!

The one thing that needed to be done today got finished yesterday. When I told the devs that we would need to move the other bug to the next release because there would be not enough time to test, the reaction was, “Oh, thank god!”

The project I’m working on with the client DB that I broke last week (seems to be OK enough to keep going, LOL) is still ongoing and SLOW AS FUCK. It’s a lot of “copy table A to table B” type stuff and there is so much data in the system that each one takes what feels like forever.

We do officially have EVERYTHING for tomorrow. Did a speed run through the market this morning for milk, Coke, champagne, juice, and wine. (I don’t know when I declared Thanksgiving a mimosa holiday, but I’m glad I did.) And…there might be two more tiny pies of the chocolate pecan variety. (They’re adorable! And why don’t they have pumpkin??!?)

Welp, gotta go do the thing for the money. Have a great day!

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