I’m very tired

The fact that this country is filled with selfish people is not a news flash. But I am so very, very tired over the fact that there are so many people that just don’t care about others – at all.

You couldn’t just stick with carryout meals for a couple more months?

You couldn’t just put on a fucking mask?

You don’t understand that you can’t have a “bubble” with thirty people in it?

Can’t you just skip the bigassed gatherings for the holidays this one fucking year?

You can’t just stay the fuck away from people for a little while longer?

The “oh we’re eating” assholes were back at the market this morning. All I could muster was a death glare going in, but I noticed someone from the market was talking to them when I left, so perhaps they’re getting the message that THIS ISN’T A RESTAURANT.

I’m just really tired of folks who just do not give a fuck about others and never have.

And to everyone else out there still staying home, getting carryout, masking up, and doing their best – thanks.

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2 Responses to I’m very tired

  1. Ashley says:

    One of my sisters posted photos last night of a big three-household dinner party inside a restaurant, another keeps sharing that fucking “Plandemic” video and is letting her kids have sleepovers, and my brother is refusing to let his children wear masks so they can “build immunity.” Meanwhile, me and my fellow asthmatic sister have left our houses or cars a combined total of 10 times since February. I am going to be angry about this for the rest of my life. Like, I will literally never view people the same way, and I’m so disappointed over how *unnecessary* that is.

    • A Dreamer says:

      Jesus, I don’t know how you haven’t just disowned all of them. While none of this is easy – it’s not that hard either, and it’s not like we have to do it forever. Not gonna lie, I’m gonna spend a years worth of eating out money the first month after I get that shot. BUT I CAN WAIT.

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