Hey, a little good news this morning

Looks like Moderna’s vaccine is doing really well in testing – near 95% effective!

Now if we can just get folks to just not do things between now and when we can get those jabs.

One of many disappointing things about this pandemic is that even with all the destruction its wrought over the last 8 months in this country – we’re not going to get any of the structural change we need, and have needed for years.

Sick folks still can’t stay home safely, cause they have to eat & pay the bills. UBI is still a pipe dream. Small businesses got screwed on relief. We did pretty much nothing to incentivize high risk workplaces to be safer – hell, the R’s want to remove liability for them. We have people in fucking Congress who won’t wear masks.

Even in Virginia, I don’t think our new restrictions are enough by any stretch of the imagination. You can still eat indoors, gyms and hair salons are still open, and you can get 25 people together in one place. We’re still enabling spread behaviors – and if we’ve learned anything in the past 8 months – if folks *can* do something – they will.

And saw this on Twitter last night – more truth to it than fiction for sure:

Welp, time to go grind those gears for capitalism. Stay safe, kids.

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