246 days

Since Plague Friday and Virginia is tightening restrictions again. Max number for gatherings is 25 – down from 250, restaurants can’t serve alcohol after 10PM and have to close by midnight, and kids over the age of 5 have to mask up (was 10).

WHY THE HELL WERE WE EVER ALLOWING 250 PEOPLE TO GATHER ANYWHERE? Shit, 25 is still too many in my mind, but it’s better than 250.

These changes will have zero impact on me. If they interfere with your social life, congratulations, YOU’RE PART OF THE FUCKING PROBLEM.

I did my usual Saturday zip in and out of Starbucks and the market. Boy Scouts were doing a food drive – needed, but hard when folks don’t really want to spend extra time in the market. But they got a big bag of fruit cups from me – the good stuff, too – Dole, packed in juice! Grapefruit, mandarin oranges, and pineapple. No one is getting scurvy on my watch.

Shopping for Thanksgiving is ~90% done – I’m shooting for only having to get the turkey Thanksgiving week. Still need to get the cheese board goodies and pickles. Oh, and crescent rolls. Oh, and the disposable roasting pan. OK, maybe only ~80% done, LOL.

Damn, now I’m hungry thinking about it. Time to go forage for lunch!

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2 Responses to 246 days

  1. wakingmuser says:

    Wow. And I thought we were being over optimistic in the UK when we eased thing to allow 10 ( or was it 6 ) people to meet at once. It lasted a very short time before we had a spurt ( surprise, surprise ) and cracked back down.

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