Another Monday

And Lindsey Graham is going to infect the entire damn Judiciary committee with Covid to get 45’s craptastic SCTOUS nominee through. I don’t even know how we fight that, given that the R’s just don’t give a shit, have no morals, and will do anything to get her on the bench. None of them are going to have a sudden attack of conscience.

The Republican party needs to be soundly voted out, burned to the ground and the earth salted in its wake. It won’t be enough to keep her out of SCOTUS – but we can try to keep this shit from happening again.

It’s a grey and rainy day here and it certainly matches my mood. I foresee today being a struggle to find bright spots to just keep my sanity in check.

Been off for two days, here’s hoping I don’t go back to an avalanche of emails and it can be a semi-normal day with little trying to catch up and mostly just regular work.

In my attempts to take care of myself I mentioned earlier – I made a little chart! (I like charts.) Also – a little party plate of pre-cut raw veggies with ranch dip TOTALLY COUNTS AS VEGGIES! :-D

A chart showing green boxes where I have done meditation, eaten vegetables, meditated, and cleaned house
Yay, charts!

Sadly, yoga is dependent on clearing out the mess in the living room where the yoga mat goes, but that should be sorted this week.

Welp, time to go grind those gears for capitalism.

Also – if you haven’t voted yet – PLEASE MAKE YOUR PLAN TO VOTE. PLEASE.

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