Well, something nice happened.

Our company has made election day a holiday! Not some “if you haven’t already voted, you can take the day” bullshit, but a full on “office is closed, moose out front shoulda told you” holiday.

Another nice thing – just saw a piece on the BBC about using sniffer dogs to detect coronavirus – 90+% accuracy. Dogs are awesome.

And another good thing – my car passed inspection on the first try! Got outta there for $63.71 – got an oil change as long as the car was there – probably the cheapest trip I’ve had there in 5 years. (The joys of having a rather elderly car that I love.) I’ll probably need new front tires in the next six months, but that is not a today problem.

Yet another one – despite having to work rather late last night, and getting to bed late, I got a very good night’s sleep and I am feeling like…well, not a million bucks, but at least say, $138.73, which is not nothing.

Also got these heavy duty storage bags this week and they are great. As I am stress cleaning the living room for the water company to come and fix the water meter this weekend, they’re excellent for “put that thing in the bag and figure out where it should actually go later” which is exactly what I need now. They also collapse flat when empty, so they won’t take up a ton of space. (I probably should have gotten the 4 pack, LOL.)

Yes, I know I will have to empty them later…

Time to go grind those gears for capitalism and let’s hope last nights extra hours paid off.

Go have a good day – avoid the news if you have to. I think I will.

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