Well, if we’re gonna be on this bullshit for another year

Guess it’s best to think about making some changes to save my sanity. (Here’s hoping it will be less necessary after January 20th.)

— HYDRATION! I am not awesome about this, and I know it is important. I am better during the week as I have hourly reminders on my calendar to sit up straight/stretch and that is when I also try to drink some water – but non-workdays I am shit about it, and I felt it this morning. I’ve set a reminder on my phone to drink a bit every half hour today.

— Cleaning. My house looks like a tornado hit it. I have never been one of those naturally tidy people (god I wish I was) and BOY DOES IT SHOW. The house is my nemesis – it’s a disaster so I feel like shit, and cause I feel like shit, I have no mojo to clean. Lovely spiral I’ve got there.

Did a little over an hour in the kitchen yesterday, just in little 10-20 minute blocks, and it looked 100X better, and I *felt* better. Granted I messed it all up again for dinner, but this morning all there is to do is unload & reload the dishwasher and wipe down the counters, which is easy enough.

I also got the baskets done yesterday on the counter from hell! I love them. Lily’s food station basket has been a resounding success – it’s still neat and organized and I can easily see when I need to add something to the grocery list. Amazing how a little $10 sturdy metal basket made such a difference.

I’ve ordered some more baskets, I want to have one with all the coffee stuff, and a couple in reserve for when I see a spot and go “Oh, yes, a basket will keep all that shit in one place.” And I’ve gotten a 3 tier cart that will be holding all the sodas/beer while they wait to go in the fridge, because as it stands now, there is no good place to put them other than the kitchen floor.

I’ve just got to keep up with the “do small blocks every day” and I could actually get some shit done around here.

— Eating… Eating has been a bit of a chore lately, which is not optimal, and while I’ve not been eating *terribly*, it needs some improvement. Gonna work to incorporate more veggies and seafood into the routine. (I do take a daily multivitamin to try and cover my crap eating, but it’s probably best to actually *eat* better to boot.)

— Sleep. I have actually been sleeping enough and fairly decently to boot, but my pillows are all fucked up and I keep waking up with a stiff neck, so I have to get that shit figured out.

— Twitter. Can’t give it up, cause I am dumb that way, but I have created a “Save Your Sanity” list, carefully curated, mostly animals and museums, some sports, and a few very select people, and the news/politics is dramatically reduced. It’s very nice so far.

I know it is a privilege to be able to tune out the news of the day, even for a little while, but I need to be able to break away from the apocalypse every now and again and just look at animal pictures.

— Drunken yoga. OK, maybe not drunken, but I need to get back to it. It does usually make me feel better physically, and having to concentrate so much on not falling over, my mind doesn’t wander and get all angry and shit thinking about *flails arms* all this. (Which is what happens when I go walking, which makes walking decidedly not relaxing.)

— Meditation. I have this great little app – Insight Timer – it’s free, has a TON of guided meditations and also plain timer options if you’re good at meditating without assistance. It’s fantastic, AND I NEED TO USE IT MORE.

So, yeah, it’s a lot, but if I am not going to totally lose my shit – it will be worth it.

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