Well, now I’m going to just be confused all day.

Had to pop into the market that is in the same shopping center as the butcher shop.

Pulled up, the sign is gone and the windows are painted over. Pull up Google maps, it says it still exists and it is open.

Finally look up – and honestly, it’s sheer luck my car was pointing in the right direction – the market has moved to the other side of the shopping center.

Now, my hand to god, I’d say it was in the old spot not two months ago.

The cashier said they’d been in the new space for almost a year. HOW?!

So, I’m already out of sorts and then on the way home, NPR was talking w/Dr. Leana Wen about Covid and the new anti-viral meds that are in testing. If these are effective, that is fantastic.

But, I worry that it’s also just going to be another “I don’t need to get vaccinated” excuse for the willingly unvaccinated. Sure, they may have an effective treatment, but won’t get vaccinated, still get Covid and spread it before they get to the point of treatment – just like we’re seeing in Florida with the Remdesivir annexes.

And then also talking about how the government is going to spend 1 billion on rapid home Covid tests. I mean, great, but how are they going to get these to anyone? The mail is still broken, this should have been done back in January, and it’s so fucking late.

So, I’m home, still kinda confused and vaguely annoyed.

I’m going to go repeatedly stab some fabric with embroidery floss.

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2 Responses to Well, now I’m going to just be confused all day.

  1. Peter says:

    It’s the COVID time warp. What else could possibly explain the past two years?

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