Goooooood Morning

Once again, you defied it all and made it to Friday – give yourself a pat on the back.

We’re off to a rip roaring start here with the cable being all effed up and – wait, it’s suddenly working again and I have BBC. Refresh & reboot did do the trick after all. I’d like to think the cable box went, “Oh shit, she’s gonna bitch on the internet about this, better get things straight!”

This morning on the way home from Starbucks, I found new buttons on my car! They’re very subtle, but they’re there, and they work – on the *back* of the steering wheel – you can switch the radio from AM/FM/Sirius/Phone, control the volume and switch the stations. My hand to god, I read the manual and did not see this. I LOVE IT. I’d actually been thinking it was a shame the radio didn’t have steering wheel controls – they were there the whole time. Glad I found them now and not, IDK, 10 years down the road.

And in other car & adulting stuff, the replacement title for the old car arrived, I scheduled the pickup for Monday, and my weekend project is clearing the last of the crap out of the old car. Wheeeeee! And possibly jumping the battery – I haven’t tried to start it in a month and I did tell them it was running when I scheduled the pickup. (I did say I wouldn’t try and drive it on a 500 mile road trip…)

Welp, time to go knock out the day so we can get the weekend started – you have a great and safe day.

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