The beach is awesome

But home has a kitty, so it is unarguably better. Once again I am in, “I must move to the beach with Lily” mode. And Lily is in yelly velcro mode.

Headshot of Lily, a black & orange tortoiseshell cat, yawning
Exhausting to keep track of the girl

The beach was great, if a bit weird – I’ll admit I was greatly lacking in imagination when it never entered my mind that it would be weirder/harder than last year. But last year was super simple in retrospect – mask up, get takeout – thank you state & local mask mandates. This year, mask wearing just wasn’t happening south of the Occoquan river it seems.

I’d like to think all the folks I saw were vaccinated… What was horrifying was the number of folks who just let their little unvaccinated kids run around indoors with no masks on. Do folks really think kids don’t get this? Or do they have great faith that their kids are surrounded by enough vaccinated adults? (Protip: They are not.) I just did not understand that at all.

Of course, while running errands this morning, I was even more aware of unmasked people running about – far less than at the beach to be sure, but still, eep. Even Starbucks has reopened indoor seating (few taking advantage of it at least) and just, ack. All I can think is, “Do you want the Delta Variant? Because this is how you get the Delta Variant.” Over the past couple weeks, Delta has been the primary variant here in NoVa – the absolute numbers are still low, but, it’s here.

But, not everything is awful. My car was great at the beach – amazing mileage and had it not been for the extra ~60 miles with Lily being at a different kennel, I would have gotten home on one tank of gas with 100 miles to spare. But, we did have to stop on the way from the kennel to the house to fill up – it beeps at you when you have under 50 miles left and I wasn’t going to risk it, LOL.

Took her in for a wash first thing this morning and can we get a shout out for automatic car washes?! It’s not that I can’t wash my own car, but I can’t reach the roof and it would take me FAR longer to get it done. $14 for the Platinum wash and < 10 minutes and she’s rinsed, washed, waxed, dried and shiny! I also may have picked up some Windex & Armor All wipes for the interior and later today as I get the rest of the stuff out of the car, there will be vacuuming & wiping. I also have this basket coming from Target to keep in the cargo area, so the wipes, paper towels, extra box of tissues, etc, will not be rattling around the back of the car. Yes, I am currently That Car Person.

I’ll be organized, dammit!

One more errand to run today, and then I will be making A Concerted Effort to get the rest of the stuff out of my car and ALSO not have it all just sitting in the entry hall for the next six months.

You have a lovely, relaxing Saturday!

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