Welp, back at it.

Gotta say, I didn’t think about work AT ALL the past week. That was AWESOME. Didn’t even look at my email this past weekend – the first half hour will just be wading through it all, LOL.

I do have a dental appointment tomorrow afternoon, oh joy, looks *awesome* to come back from vacation and work for a whole day and a half before leaving early again. Ah well, it is what it is. Gotta ease back into the whole working thing I suppose since I’ve not won the lottery.

I’ve also booked an acupuncture appointment next month – I carry all my tension in my head, neck and jaw, and we’re going to see if we can do something about that, since that is effing up my teeth, and I’ve oddly had A LOT OF TENSION THIS PAST YEAR AND A HALF. Certainly can’t hurt anything.

I’d also been planning on going to Williamsburg this fall for a couple days, but I think that isn’t going to happen, cause I have a feeling we’re going to be in the midst of yet another surge…so, looks like that may very well be a staycation. Between the Delta variant and the fact that we seem to have topped out on vaccinations – I think the fall/winter is going to be just as ugly as last year.

But, I’m ready to hunker back down again if necessary – I’m not sure I was really ready to be out in the world again anyway.

You have a fantastic Monday.

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