OK, that was awesome

Today, it was in the high 60s and sunny and I decided to go and do lunchtime yoga outside AND OMG IT WAS SO GREAT AND WARM AND SUNNY AND LOVELY. I did it in the carport, which still had tons of sun from one side and I am still not sure how I feel about my neighbors seeing me trying to do this, LOL.

And Lily was BIG MAD about it – partly that I was outside and partly because I had taken HER yoga mat.

Over the course of the pandemic, she has decided that my brother is spending too much time in the basement (where he lives…) and multiple times a day, she yells at him until he comes upstairs and they sit on my yoga mat and he brushes her. He is nothing if not obedient to She Who Runs the House.

Now, every time I do yoga, she runs downstairs and yells at him, and I’m pretty sure it’s something along the lines of, “BOOOOOOY, SHE’S ON OUR YOGA MAT!”

I seem to have gotten past the brutal work hours and things are normal and sane again at work, which is nice.

My latest group of plants are still alive! And the near dead African Violet has a tiny bit of new growth on it! I think I will be repotting it this weekend with some nice new soil. And I think I know what went wrong with the first mini-rosebush – underwatering – this new one soaks up every damn drop I give to it. Hopefully I’ll not go in the other direction and accidentally drown it.

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