Well, that was quick

It’s Monday again already. I mean, I get that’s how time works, but damn, the weekend whipped by – and I did *not* spend any of it working. I also didn’t get jack done around the house either other than fussing over my new plants and two excellent naps with the LilyMonster.

But, it’s a payday and half day Friday week, and a three day weekend, so that’s something. Keeping my hopes up for regular 8 hour days and as little ridiculousness as possible.

Our county’s vaccine dashboard updates registration data every hour. The waitlist is now up to 109K – and this is only 1b folks. Eek. I know they keep saying supply is going to catch up here very soon, and that waitlist will start dropping, but right now, yiiiiikes. I seem to see so many locals on NextDoor posting about their vax experiences, I genuinely thought we were getting more shots in arms.

But, I know, and I’ve said it out loud multiple times – even if we had a bang up awesome administration the last go round, this would be a hella hard project to get rolled out, and patience is required, especially for those of us who are at the end of the list cause we’re relatively healthy and can easily take precautions like working from home.

Gif of Moira Rose from Schitts Creek saying Good is Coming - It Has To

But – highs of 70+ this week!!! Maybe one night we’ll have a front porch happy hour! Granted, Sat-Tues will be back in the 50s with rain, but four days of sun and warmth! And we get an hour of sun back after this weekend! (Hence the long weekend – losing that hour of sleep messes me up something fierce, so I try to take an extra day to adjust.)

Let’s go get it done.

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