So…May 1st

If we can actually get to the point where we have enough vaccines available that everyone over 18 can be eligible by May 1 – my lord, that would be HUGE.

Mind you, it will take a hella effort to get those into arms, but we might be able to have a semi-normal summer. Wouldn’t that be something?

Right now, the best vax day we’ve had in my county is getting 5,320 second doses administered in a day. If we could consistently be at that rate (and I know it’s dependent on having the vaccines to give out) – the current waitlist would be cleared by the beginning of April and everyone over 18 could be done by the first week of August. (Though I’m hoping we can improve on those numbers.)

Gotta say, I’m liking these shifting goalposts of “Oh, we can do better? Then let’s do that.” There is something to be said for competence and care at the top.

The mind boggles with all the stuff we might be able to do sooner. Haircuts. Saturday breakfast at my diner. Have my pato tacos *at* the taco bar at the beach instead of 30+ feet away from all other forms of life. Short rib ragu at Trattoria Villagio sooner rather than later. (It was the last dinner before the pandemic – little bro & I have decided it needs to be the first when we can eat in again.) Our little fall festival. The 4H fair.

I’m realizing my post-pandemic to-do list is very food oriented.

Note to IT folks in all the health departments across the country: Time to get another server or something so everything doesn’t crash May 1.

But my god, there really is a light at the end of the tunnel.

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3 Responses to So…May 1st

  1. Ashley says:

    I remember last summer when everyone’s First Thing To Do After Pandemic dreams were things like “I’m finally seeing the Grand Canyon” or “I’m treating myself to a Broadway show,” and now we’re all at the point where it’s like, “I’m gonna go RUN ERRANDS like a WILD WOMAN” and “I’m gonna go to ALDI and TAKE MY TIME.”

    I just want to go to the library again, and to not keep getting “uh-oh, you’re too close to Massachusetts/Rhode Island!” alerts on my phone, and to be able to delete Zoom from my life.

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