According to some, the worst day of the week. All I know is that I’m not fully awake yet or really ready for the day in any way, shape or form.

Near a month after the election, I am still having weird assed dreams about it. This one was that 45 was claiming that because they couldn’t find a single democrat who hadn’t criticized Biden at some point in his career, no one could have voted for him. TOTALLY NORMAL.

My political fatigue is setting in – the right is saying Neera Tanden is pretty much far left Satan (she was mean to R’s!) and red rose Twitter is acting like she’s Attila the Hun, and I’m just sitting here going, “IDK, she seems vaguely competent, which is better than anything we’ve had for 4 years…” ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Having to pay intense attention to every damn last tiny thing an administration does for four years is NOT NORMAL and it’s tiring. (I know, marginalized folks in this country are throwing me some side eye on this. I know.)

I just want to be able to trust that Biden will put decent enough folks in place and they’ll do a decent job. Yes, we’ll have to do some shouting to get some more progressive policies out of them, but everyone losing their shit when we’re still what, 50 days from inauguration day is a bit wearing. (Though I will say the reactions to a comms team that is all women has been…satisfying. WHAT, YOU COULDN’T FIND A SINGLE GUY? Can’t imagine how that must feel.)

OK, time to go grind those gears. Have a good day, and hey, it’s Giving Tuesday – if you’ve already blown you annual charity budget and can’t give, you’re not a bad person. If you are giving – think about the groups that don’t have a big team of people to promote their organizations today.

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2 Responses to Tuuuuuuuuesday

  1. wakingmuser says:

    It’s going the right way though. Take heart.
    With any luck shouting will be replaced by arguing, and arguing will turn to talking… It’s been a long time since there was real talking, at least that’s how it looks from a distance.
    Maybe talking will even end up being a bit of listening and some healing 🙂

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