We must be close to Thanksgiving!

The ice maker in the freezer has conked out. The other two times it has happened – the week (or day of) yes, you guessed it, Thanksgiving.

The other two times it happened, it did just start working again within a few hours/days.

I’ve got regular ice trays going, but this is one of those “we need a lot of ice” holidays, and of course, today I totally emptied the ice bin and cleaned it. And then realized it was not refilling with new ice.

The googles tell me that getting a built in ice maker fixed is $100-300, and there is that little matter of a pandemic going on.

But – a compact countertop ice maker is $117. And it doesn’t require a water hookup, just pour the water in and that’s that. And it would free up a bunch of freezer space where the ice tray is.

Depending on what the ice maker is doing in the morning…I may be placing an order.

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