Whoa, settle down, brain

I watched the SpaceX launch the other night – being of the Challenger generation, I usually do *not* watch these, but I did and it was pretty cool. Then last night my brain thought, “Hey, lets have a dream that it wasn’t a SpaceX capsule that went up, but the old school Shuttle. And that it docked and blew up.”

What. The. Fuck. Brain.

On the work front, gonna be an interesting day… One bug the client is very anxious for a fix (I get it) – tested it Friday – nope, not there. Dev fixed yesterday, I logged on last night after the build was done to check real quick – much closer, but not quite there… And I doubt my dev on that one would have been checking her email at 8PM last night to try a fix again before the next build this morning. So, next chance I’ll have to see if that one works will be 7PM tonight. Did I mention the testing needs to be done on it by COB tomorrow to go out in this maintenance cycle?

Then another one where a bug from April respawned while something else was being fixed. That one put me in a full on panic, because I TESTED THAT BUG IN APRIL. Like I pulled out my testing docs from it to make sure I hadn’t somehow fucked up the tests and somehow not noticed that it was broken. Nope, it was fixed, now it’s just not. So, not me!

So, no idea what’s going to be ready to test today for this maintenance cycle. I’ve got plenty else I can do that isn’t as time sensitive, but yeah, I need these suckers fixed now. (Sure, the clients do, too, but this is about ME!)

Welp, time to go see how harried the next two days will be.

You have a good day, mask up, and stay safe.

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