Well, we got what, 36 hours?

And things quickly started sliding right back into the shit.

We do have some really good news on a vaccine from Pfizer, so that’s something.

45 won’t concede – that I expected, he’s a dick. But for reasons I really cannot fathom, the R’s are backing him up. I get no one really *wants* to concede the Presidency – but they don’t need him, I doubt most of them actually like him, and I don’t think he’s helping them at all – so, just rip off the band-aid and be done with it. They can continue to be a pain in everyones ass without 45.

And Purdue & Loeffler want the SoS of Georgia to resign, because, reasons. (We know – black folks got out and voted, and we can’t have that.) Hell, they both get a damn do over in January.

My Twitter feed is a 50/50 split between, “it’s a shitshow, but it will be OK” to “it’s a shitshow and it’s very much not going to be OK”.

Remember when presidential transitions were really, really fucking boring?

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