Totes normal

To be a week post-election and have more foreign leaders recognizing Biden as President-elect than Republicans in the US. I think we’re up to 4 R’s acknowledging the outcome of the election.

Dreamt I was moving to New Zealand last night and was very excited about that. Also very, very normal.

Oh, and that split on who is worried I mentioned yesterday – I realized most of those who aren’t worried and have faith in the process & courts – mostly secure white men. They’re not being dicks about it, but yeah, that’s a position where it is much easier to feel confident in the systems – because if the systems fail, they’ll be OK.

Folks who definitely will not be OK? They’re worried and understandably so – they see and have felt everything 45 has gotten away with in the past 4 years.

I still don’t think we’ll get a proper concession out of 45, which isn’t legally necessary, so that isn’t the end of the world. But we need the fucking R’s in this country to step the fuck up and essentially concede on his behalf and shut the fuck up about “illegal ballots” – we all know that means black voters.

And Lindsey Fucking Graham. Jackass *won* his race, but it’s all fraud? I legit do not understand why he is still all in on Trump. Whatever he has on Graham – given the past 4 years, I doubt it would even last a full news cycle. Let him go, you can still be a racist, obstructionist POS without him.

Third go at my dental appointment today – looks like anger may drown out anxiety…

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