Can I extend my weekend just for one extra day??

Cause while the overwhelming emotional feeling I’m having is relief, the overwhelming physical thing I’m feeling is SO TIRED.

I’ve started drafting my “bitch, you better get some shit DONE” letters to my representatives, the DNC, and the President-Elect.

Also trying to figure out the best way to help in Georgia, besides not giving to Project Lincoln. Seriously, don’t give to them – if you want to send money, give it to the folks that have been on the ground there for years. Here’s a list of a few of them.

My big exciting outings today were to get stocked on paper products since I’m hearing rumblings of potential shortages again (just like at the end of February, it felt silly, but it also paid off) and a run into Total Wine for some Alewerks beers – we’ve been on a Sam Adams streak since summer shandies went away, and I’m ready to switch it up.

Best part – the Aleworks beers are right near the front of the store so I was in and out in no time at all. (They occasionally show up at my grocery store, but it’s very hit or miss.)

So, we’ve got some Tavern Brown Ale, Weekend Lager, and Protocol Porter. Their winter Coffeehouse Porter is great, too and should be popping up in stores here soon. I also grabbed a 4 pack of Gingerbread Spiced Stout by Guinness – one of those that could be great, or awful, but I am definitely intrigued.

Next to our Total Wine is a Talbots outlet shop. I cannot tell you how much I wanted to just go in and wander around and browse and…damn I miss that dumb stuff. (It’s never an under 15 minute affair in there, much like Target.)

Maybe this time next year my weekend will be breakfast at my diner, a beer run where I’m not dashing in and out at top speed, a nice long stroll through the Talbots store, a fucking haircut, and some fancy assed cocktails at my bar. Hell, maybe just spend an hour standing in the middle of Target just because I can.

But for now…it’s dash in and out everywhere, drinks at home, carryout, and very long and weirdly colored hair.

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