And now, a note for Biden voters


Especially those in red states – it must have felt futile, but THANK YOU.

To every volunteer, organizer, phone banker (sorry I never answered), text banker, lit dropper, and canvasser who got out the vote: THANK YOU.

To everyone that had faith we could do better and acted on it with their vote: THANK YOU.

To everyone who worked the elections and polling locations to make them safe for us to cast our votes – THANK YOU. (I know these aren’t necessarily Biden voters. No matter.)

And to the folks that had to try and count votes with folks breathing down their necks (again, I know, not necessarily Biden voters) – THANK YOU. (And I know you’re still counting.)

I know we still have lots of work to do. But, let’s celebrate getting that first really big step done. (I’ll admit, my overriding emotion is relief above all else.)

75 million of you.

75 million who said No More.

75 million who believe we can do better.

75 freaking million.


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