A note to Trump voters

This is my olive branch, and my words are sincere.

Nothing in a Biden/Harris administration is going to hurt you. Really. The socialist hellscape that you’ve been promised – it isn’t going to happen. It just isn’t.

Yes, if you’re making more than 400K a year, your taxes are probably going to go up. But, you’re making over 400K a year, so you’re doing pretty well already, so good job!

Once we have a Covid19 vaccine – you’ll be able to get it knowing it’s been properly researched and tested and not rushed out for political gains.

Cabinet secretaries that aren’t walking conflicts of interest – having people in charge of those agencies that want them to work and work well rather than tearing them down and profiting off their failure – that’s a good thing.

Rejoining the WHO and the Paris Climate Accord – good things that won’t adversely impact you. Being part of an international effort to keep people healthy everywhere – not a bad thing. Working to protect the environment and do what we can to mitigate climate change – again, good things. (Wouldn’t you like a few less hurricanes, droughts, and wildfires?)

And speaking of hurricanes and such – you will not hear from this administration is “fuck em, they’re a red state” when a disaster strikes and you need help. You’ll get help.

Improving the Affordable Care Act – helps all of us.

And the Post Office! (OK, this is Congressional/Executive combo work, but still.) If you have a business and ship things – don’t you want a working Post Office again? Having someone in charge who isn’t profiting off its downfall – a good thing.

Helping refugees and asylum seekers won’t hurt you – we have the resources to help these people who are literally fleeing for their *lives* – this won’t negatively impact you. Keeping families *together* when they make it here – again, not going to hurt you.

$15 minimum wage – this is good for everyone! Workers having more money to spend is GOOD. Inflationary impacts have been minimal (if at all) in places that have implemented it. Folks not having to struggle is GOOD for everyone.

Yes, he’s got lots of plans that are targeted to folks who are not you. But it’s not a zero-sum game. Someone else getting help won’t hurt you. And if you need help? Ask!

Four years of people getting hurt over, and over, and over. We’re not doing that anymore.

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