Dumbest Timeline

Over a 4 million difference in vote counts and the election is still ongoing.

We’re looking at an automatic recount in Georgia, and PA, NV & AZ are still counting.

And we’re looking at TWO runoffs in Georgia, so it’s going to be January before we know what the Senate will look like.

We’ve had two Q-Anon nuts arrested with guns, and a separate bomb threat up in Philly, a poll worker doxed in Detroit and folks in Maricopa that are convinced that rental cars belonging to the press are trucking in ballots.

What. The. Fuck. I have participated in 30 years of elections, many where my candidate of choice lost. Somehow, I’ve never lost my shit like this.

I will say, it’s different that it’s not coming down to Florida and Ohio for once.

At least 4 more people have popped positive for Covid at the White House – including the Chief of Staff. I wonder if 45 will end up reinfected…

And their coworkers only found out through the media!

I can’t think of anyone worse to have in the White House for this current infection surge. 45 won’t do anything and it’s going to be really, REALLY bad. And that fucker is golfing again today.

And at least 70 million people have looked at the last 4 years and said, “Yeah, I want more of that.” I know it’s the racism & white supremacy. I know it – and yet, I have such a hard time wrapping my head around it. How can you have so little care for others? How can you be so consumed by preserving the advantage of whiteness that you can just watch people die?

How can you be *that* selfish?

I don’t want the Democrats to waste time on trying to change them. I want them to tear down every systemic and institutional barrier to voting for non-whites in this country, and I want them to go precinct by precinct and ask every single organizer: What does your community need? And then act on it.

We cannot have non-white communities saving us from ourselves yet again and then just treat them as nothing more than a vote to be courted. We can’t just care during the election cycle. I want people to go to the polls going “Fuck yeah, I’m voting blue, they helped my community” not just “Fuck, well, we sure as shit don’t want that other candidate.”

Win or lose, we have so much work to do. But what good work it will be.

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