But what if 45 barricades himself in the White House?!

Seeing this popping up here and there. Did a quick tweet on it, but I have a few more thoughts.

So, he sits down, folds his arms and says, “Nope, not leaving.”


Regardless of if he concedes or not, if he packs up and heads out of town or not – if* Biden wins, on inauguration day, Joe Biden is the President, whether 45 likes it or not.

He can be President from Wilmington, the Hay Adams Presidential Suite, Air Force One, Camp David – wherever. (Camp David probably the easiest non-White House place to do it, Air Force One the coolest.)

45 will no longer have any say in White House operations. Send the building staff home (with pay) and update the building access list to…nobody. Cut the cable and internet and phones – have one outgoing line he can call when he’s ready to go back to Mar-a-Lago. Cut the power to everywhere but the residence. He can wander around and figure out how to make a peanut butter sandwich and yell at the ceiling and be sad and angry and not President.

His Cabinet Secretaries, sycophants though they may be – they won’t stick around. I don’t see any of them refusing to leave their offices. (I suspect some would very much like to be done with all this now.) Zero concerns about military leadership – once the oath of office is done, 45 is someone they can and will ignore.

Would it all be a very embarrassing shitshow if he decides to lock himself in the White House and threaten to hold his breath until he turns blue? Of course it would be.

Would it change the outcome of the election? Nope.

*Yes, still saying If.

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