Oh sure, NOW the media can say 45 lies.

Where the fuck have y’all been the past 5 years? Maybe if you had done this from the start, we wouldn’t have a huge swath of the population taking his word as gospel while he says it’s “illegal votes” making him lose.

And I am done with every 5 minute update on the margins in Georgia. Nothing is a given there, Philly, Arizona, or Nevada. We need to be ready for this to not end well for us – and I don’t think we are. (OK, marginalized folks have probably been very ready for this. White middle class D’s are not.)

If Biden wins, I don’t think I’ll feel OK about it until Dec 14 when the electoral college does its thing.

Over 3.8 million delta in the vote count and it’s still a nail biter. Such a fucking terrible system we have here.

The work Stacey Abrams has done in Georgia with Fair Fight is amazing – but she shouldn’t have had to do it in the first place – the systematic voter suppression is something that white folks should have fixed long ago cause we put it in place. It’s not right that we’ve put it on her and other non-white organizers to save us from ourselves.

The good news is that I think I’m too exhausted to be anxious about my dental appointment this afternoon, so hopefully I won’t have to bail before it even starts again.

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