Well, no dentist today

I didn’t freak out or anything, they called about 20 minutes before the appointment letting me know the nitrous machine was not working. We can’t go without that, so we’ll try again next week, LOL.

So, I spent my afternoon napping and doomscrolling Twitter and generally being annoyed that folks are already celebrating, CAUSE I REMEMBER 2000.

Y’all need to go outside, turn around three times and spit and swear.

I also realize I did not meal plan properly for this election to drag on for so long… Takeout it is – white pizza with prosciutto FTW tonight, with a side caesar salad, so, HEALTHY!

Part of me really wants to start drafting my letter to my reps of “fix this shit” – but I will wait until things are called – I am not going to jinx a damn thing here. (I know, you’re thinking, “that’s ridiculous, you can’t jinx it” – maybe, but I’m not taking the chance.)

At least it’s the weekend – while I was shockingly productive at work this week, I am also exhausted, as I know everyone else is as well.

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