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We must be the fucking laughingstock of the world. Again.

Nothing like electing a national leader when you have 50 different sets of voting/counting rules & procedures.

45 is filing lawsuits everywhere. Stop counting! Keep counting! Count it again! We don’t care if what you’re doing is legal, we don’t like it!

In 2015-6, I recall thinking that 45 was courting the white nationalist vote, and I remember thinking, “Huh, kinda niche, cause I think that will turn off other voters and are there really that many of them?”

OH HOW FUCKING WRONG I WAS. I knew we still had white supremacists and white nationalists in the country – I wasn’t *totally* stupid. I legit had no idea how many of them were here. (To non-white folks: I know, I know, I know – you knew this from the day you were born and have experienced it every day – they’re fucking everywhere.)

Somehow, even with near a quarter of a million folks dead from Covid, he managed to corral another 5 million voters over last time. That is horrific, and let’s be real here – it’s white people. It’s not the slice of Cuban Americans he picked up in Florida, it’s not the sliver of African American men, it’s not that the Democrats didn’t turn folks out.

The problem is racist white people. Racist white people who continue to build and support systems that benefit them and continue to disenfranchise and suppress non-whites and every other marginalized group in this country. Racist folks who find 45’s terrible attitude towards non-white folks a feature, not a bug.

I don’t know how to make a racist person not be racist – I really don’t. I can’t wrap my head around what makes a person that way.

But, I can keep electing and supporting folks who *can* dismantle some of these systems to improve things. My winter project is going to be doing research as to eligible vs actual voters – not nationwide, probably start hyper locally – who isn’t voting? Who isn’t *able* to vote? What can *I* do to fix that or push for fixes to it?

And of course, continue to annoy the fuck out of all my elected officials.

We’re fucked to be sure, but I’m not giving up. I know there are way more people who believe in better things than what we’ve got now – we just need to make the damn process accessible to them so we can drown out the right wing.

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