Only In America

Can a candidate be over three million votes ahead and still have it very much in the realm of possibility that they lose.

Not going to flip the Senate it seems, so no meaningful legislation can be passed in the next two years. And who knows if we’ll be able to get any judges confirmed. And in 4 years, the R’s will go “Look, they did nothing.”

If Biden wins, he’s going to have to go to town with the Executive Orders. And at least we can clean up the cabinet agencies, which isn’t nothing.

Someone has pointed out that McConnell is old, infirm, and in a state with a Democratic governor. Harsh, but also, well, true.

45 is “claiming” shit left and right – well, if we’re doing that, I’m claiming an Ocean View suite at the Renaissance Aruba in Oranjestad.

And if another Democratic operative tells me to “be optimistic” – I’ll be happy if we win. Until then, everything is just kinda shit and I am preparing myself to see a THIRD election in my lifetime where the winner of the popular vote doesn’t make it to the White House.

And polling…what a waste that has been. The “shy Trump voter” apparently exists – they’re ashamed to admit it. OK…you’re so close there. You recognize shame, and maybe…you could have taken an action that did not cause you shame?

I would have thought near a quarter million dead from the pandemic would have changed a few more minds – but that requires caring about others, and I wasn’t thinking about how that is just a bridge too far these days.

And every candidate I supported outside my district lost. Most of them just shellacked. Might as well have just set my money on fire. New rule I think – no more candidate contributions, but instead get that money to mutual aid groups and groups dismantling voter suppression. (Oh look, an email from Georgia asking for money for the runoff. I shit you not.)

I’m trying to be positive, but I remember 2016. And I remember 2000.

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2 Responses to Only In America

  1. Ashley says:

    Feeling you on the contributions thing. I didn’t have much to give, but I gave to six campaigns and five of them lost. My only consolation is that that money helped fund campaign staffer jobs for young people during a recession.

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