OK, this is really weird.

It’s election day and I’m not going to the polls. I *know* that my early vote counted, but it just…feels like not going on election day = not voting. (This is a me problem – I am a huge fan of early voting and I’m still mad we didn’t have Sunday voting, and I do not consider anyone else’s early vote to not count.)

I just get a weird charge out of going to the polls on election day, and I feel a little at loose ends not doing it.

But, I am helping a friend on Facebook get voting information this morning, and that feels REALLY GOOD. I’ve given them links to our voter info portal and the number for the Virginia Voter Hotline at 844-4VA-VOTE, and hopefully that will get them pointed in the right direction. (And I hope they feel OK asking me any other questions.)

If I’d been thinking straight, I would have taken *tomorrow* off…

My big plans for the rest of the day are to hit the liquor store when it opens at noon (we are out of Baileys,) run into the CVS next door because I have lost my nail clippers AGAIN, and then maybe treat myself to a leisurely-but-less-than-15-minute stroll through the Hallmark store to get a candle or notebook or something. (I should get stationery for writing my reps with the list of all the shit they need to do. A real letter should get some attention, LOL.)

If you haven’t already – GET OUT THERE AND VOTE TODAY!!!!!!

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