Hang in there…

Just a few more days to go. You got this. Eat all the comfort food you need.

Also, to every volunteer out there phone and text banking – you’re doing great and important work! Also, for the love of all that’s good and holy, stop calling and texting me!

Also, whoever is in charge of all the emails – get your shit figured out, it feels like someone is on a coke binge sending these. No campaign should be sending me more than 1 email a day.

If you still have a mail in ballot – GET IT DROPPED OFF! If you’re voting tomorrow – dress for the weather, wear your mask, and take some snacks in case the lines are long.

And remember, we’ll probably know very little by bedtime tomorrow, and that’s OK. Between the high levels of mail in votes and high turnout in general – it’s going to take a bit to get everything counted. That’s OK, and it’s normal, and I think we’ll see networks holding off on calling races because of it – again, it’s OK.

Don’t get me wrong – it’s frustrating as hell that we won’t know right away, CAUSE I WANT TO KNOW – but it’s OK.

God, I hope we can show that ass the door and we can ignore him for the rest of his natural life. (Note to media: Please, if he loses, ignore him forever. Also, Twitter – you should ban him.)

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2 Responses to Hang in there…

  1. Ashley says:

    The e-mails! I also don’t need another text from the Biden campaign every three hours. I am already EXTREMELY AWARE the election is tomorrow.

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