OMG (not election related)

Just heard through the grapevine that my old department is losing its two most senior folks, one retiring, one leaving.

That is going to suck so hard for them – they’d both been there for…fuck I think at least 10 years. And unless you can find someone who already has extensive product knowledge, it will take a minimum of 2 years to get someone to a truly proficient state, unless they’re whip smart, and even then, we’re talking a year.

They’ve been understaffed for hell, three years now at least – folks can only work like that for so long before they’re off to greener pastures. Hell, it’s why I left when I had the chance – the staffing problems just weren’t getting fixed and I was just drilling myself into the ground.

And busy season is right around the corner for them.

Thing is, I was just thinking the other day, that even when I’m quite busy, my days in QC are downright leisurely compared to when I was in support. Sure, I’ve got multiple defects I’m working with any given day and I’m hardly sitting about and twiddling my thumbs, but it’s nothing like trying to manage anywhere from 30-60 tickets and everyone wanting an answer RIGHT NOW.

Today I’m feeling very lucky I landed where I did.

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