And ANOTHER nice thing!

I had breakfast from my diner this morning!!!!!

Please note – *from*, not *at*.

My local diner has always done carryout, but they have done a bang up job of pivoting to pretty much all carryout. They added online ordering, family sized meals (different special depending on the day) and have just done a great job. Well organized pickup area at the front of the store, and curbside pickup if you want it.

We’ve ordered dinner a few times during all this, cause they have the best patty melts in town. (OK, the only patty melts in town, but they are top notch!)

Over the past 8 months I have been under the erroneous impression that the only weekend breakfast to go was the family meal – as much as I’d love to try and destroy eggs, pancakes, home fries, bacon, and sausage for four…even I have my limits.

Last week, we ordered dinner and I happened to take a look at the breakfast menu and there in black and white – MY BELOVED TWO EGGS WITH BACON, HOME FRIES AND TOAST!!!!

So, guess what I had for breakfast this morning?!?! YES, YOU’RE RIGHT!!

Sure, it wasn’t quite the same eating it on the couch instead of at one of the two-tops with all the happy diner white noise – but oh my god, what a comforting treat, and a weekend ritual I am so happy to return to, even if a bit different. I just wish I’d realized it was available sooner.

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